• April 10. 2019.
    Veterinarians and the Latvian Veterinarian Association have acted in good faith and in accordance with the law, with the goal to decrease or prevent disease and death of dogs, and to investigate the cause of the outbreak when warning the public about risks associated with dry dog food “DOGO”.
    This according to regional court judgement, rejecting the civil suit brought against several veterinarians and their professional organization in Latvia.  Veterinarians have not spread false information about the company “Tukuma Straume” and the dry dog food it produces, and had no intent to harm the company.
    “The right of the public to be informed on our concerns regarding the megaesophagus outbreak in Latvia has precedence over the company wanting to continue business as usual, disregarding the suspected link of the dog food they produce and disease”, Mara Viduza, leader of the Latvian Veterinary Association, is satisfied at the outcome. 
    Court disagreed with the position of “Tukuma Straume”, wanting to ignore the increasing number of diseased dogs, do nothing, and wait an uncertain length of time for scientific proof that the cause of megaesophagus outbreak in dogs is a specific component of the “DOGO” dog food.  Court judgement says it would be essentially against the principles of fair business practice.  Court believes the goal of veterinarians in their public statements was to make the public aware of the megaesophagus outbreak, correctly stating that research is continued and ongoing, and that the causing agent of the disease has not been found, as well as pointing out that there is one risk factor that links most of the sick dogs, namely, they were fed “DOGO”.  Court agrees that veterinarians had an adequate basis of fact to share their opinion on the outbreak.
    Mara Viduza
    Board Director
    Latvian Veterinary Association

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