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This event has ended

Date:                  Saturday Novemder 6nd 2021
Location:           ZOOM webinar

Description:       Appropriate triage of the patient and decision making based on the ABCD -airway, breathing, circulation and disabilites – is crucial for the successive treatment of emergency patients. The first lecture “Triage” will teach you an easy and logical approach that can be used in any emergency patient and will safe you a lot of stress on top of succesful stabilisation of your patients.
                             When dealing with fluid therapy, the emergency clinician needs to decide which patient needs fluid, which fluid should be chosen, how to administer it and how much will be needed. We will discuss identification of the needs for fluid therapy, appropriate choice of fluid and administration of intravenous fluid therapy in detail including case discussions. At the end of the day, cardiopulmonary resuscitation will round up this first day of emergency medicine basics. 

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         Triage and the ABC
10.00-11.00     Fluid therapy I: what clinical signs tell us
11.15-12.00     Fluid therapy II: different fluid types
13.00-13.45     Fluid therapy III: dosage, administration and supplements
14.00-15.00     Case discussions
15.15-16.15     CPR                  
16.15-16.30     Question & Answers