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Aicinājums uz pasaulē efektīvākā un drošākā veterinārā lāzera prezentāciju K-Laser Medbaltica izstādē Rīgā no 2022. gada 1. – 3. decembrim

This event has ended

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We hope that you are the person responsible for development and innovation in the company. We invite you to come and get acquainted with the leading therapeutic veterinary laser – K-Laser during the Medbaltica exhibition in Riga 01-03 December 2022. The stand is called K-Laser.

The Italian manufacturer ELTECH has been a world leader in this field for almost 30 years, this was achieved only with the help of long-term scientific research, which made K-Laser unique.

Up to 80% of animal health disorders are treated with the K-Laser. Accelerates regeneration and cures all types of acute and chronic pathologies without medication: surgical wounds, bones and soft tissues after trauma, infected and/or open skin wounds, ulcers, mucositis, skin infections, granulomas caused by licking, infections caused by perianal pouches, odonto – dental, complicated ear infections, onychomycosis, acute and chronic pain in all parts of the body, osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, etc. K-Laser therapy is used to treat nerve damage such as traumatic or iatrogenic paresthesias, dysesthesias, and anesthesia. More detailed information about treated diagnoses and diseases can be found in the attached file in English.

K-Laser Cube Performance 30 is also used in surgery.

Using the K-Laser laser with other equipment used in your company would provide a huge competitive advantage, expand the range of services performed, increase customer loyalty and income. Due to its ease of use, simplicity and belonging to class IV, the K-Laser can be operated by a trained physician’s assistant. Mobile, light 1.5 kg, universal, safe, easy to operate, there are no special conditions for the work cabinet. Procedures take up to 8 minutes. Preventive maintenance is performed every 2 years. Practical online training at K-Laser Academy with the possibility to use the treatment case library with described treatment examples from all over the world afterwards. By becoming familiar with treatment cases, you will expand not only your knowledge, but also your portfolio of services. A large number of additional accessories that make it easier to work alone or on the go, such as: to the stables, another branch or to the customer’s home. Warranty up to 5 years depending on the model.

Until 12/31/2022, you have a unique opportunity to purchase K-Laser with a 25% discount.

Be the first to start treating pets in Latvia with the most powerful, effective and safe veterinary K-Laser in the world!

If you are interested in K-Laser, please let me know and we will organize an online presentation at your convenience.

You will find a detailed description of laser technologies in English and Russian;

Reviews and testimonials of UK and Australian veterinarians about K-Laser in working with small and large animals can be found: ,

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JSC “Vilnijus” K-Laser representative in the Baltic countries
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